Focused study group to read You don't know JS books

Anybody wants to strengthen their JS knowledge by reading You Don’t Know JS book series by Kyle Simpson completely, just by spending 2 hours of focused reading everyday?

For the past few days I am learning lot of things alone currently and feeling little lonely. In order to combat this and complete what I am learning, and help others also do so, I am starting a focused study group. The study group uses a process and few time blocking techniques to improve our focus and productivity.

Here are the rules:

  • We have to gather everyday at the same time on and start reading ydkjs for 2 hours breaking it in 4 sessions.
  • We have to strictly bond ourselves to this team pomodoro in order keep ourselves focused.
  • 25 minute focused reading + 5 minute break (in which we clear doubts and ask questions if we have any, praise each other or just stretch and relax).
  • During the 2 hour session we put our phones on silent mode, block all social media sites, email etc.
  • Its just reading YDKJS and nothing else.

What do you get?

  • A bunch of like minded friends who meet everyday to help each other.
  • A good knowledge of JavaScript and may be a better job :slight_smile: can accommodate upto 8 people, so if you are interested just let me know. I stay in IST +05:30 time zone. However if majority of you stay in a different time zone I can adjust my time to your time zone :slight_smile:

Reading YDKJS only is not necessary. You can join even if you want to read some other book, learn something else or just want to work on a side project. YDKJS is optional.

Apart from doing your thing in a focused 2 hour time, you also get some accountability and motivation to push things forward.

###About me:
I am full stack Software Developer who worked in Startups for more than 4+ years. For a long time I kept postponing lot of things which I wanted to learn in order to become a better programmer. So, currently spending time to learn them :slight_smile: .


Hello, Your idea sounds good and I like it. I also have the YDKJS serie, so having a friends to discuss this with them will be cool.

Thanks @amazigh1989. Great.

Just in case YDKJS is free on GitHub though for people who can’t afford the books.

So, when to begin, at which hour in each day, and by which book in the serie? we should begin.?

my time zone is GMT do we have to agree about a specific time.

Please check this I am proposing 3 times in IST compare that with your time.

  • 11:30AM to 01:30AM IST
  • 03:30PM to 05:30PM IST
  • 07:30PM to 09:30PM IST (This is best time for me)

Let me know if any one of this sounds good.
If none of them works then tell me a time that suits your schedule best. I’ll adjust my own :slight_smile:

We can start from 2nd book if you are good at the basics. The real concepts start from there.

If the time is selected we can start right from tomorrow onwards.

I think also that 7:30PM to 09:30PM IST is good, so we start tommorow 04/08/2016

Yeah! Just join here at that time

Is there a way to download without having to go to O-reilly site??

@tommygebru If you need the ebooks or paperback hard copies then you have to buy otherwise you can read from GitHub for free.

thanks :smile: I will do that… would be my first js book… but will probably read after reviewing the js track on fcc

Great! That would be better. These books are really good (Heard from lot of people)

@tommygebru You can join us. Its not necessary that you should learn the same thing like we do. Learn anything you want. Just make sure you are bond to the system - 25 minute focused work + 5 minute break. You just have to sync your learning to the :slight_smile:

thats a beautiful app!!!
who made it?

Where are you located @tommygebru ? We are doing this currently at 7:30pm Indian Standard time.

If you have done little programming in JS then go for it.

If you are an absolute beginner JS, I suggest you learn in this order.

  1. Head First JavaScript
  2. Solve challenges at
  3. Read YDKJS books

I think this will keep in you in much better place. :slight_smile:
You can do this in the study group as well :wink:

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7:30PM IST would be very early in the morning for you. Would that be fine?

for me, for downloading books , usually in pdf form, I use mainly and

sure they are not legal but you can find a lot of books for free, or even some courses of,, … in

where did you get the full stack training naquiuddin?

hey bro thank you very much for sharing the link u just saved me alot…

hey am interested too am available at around 5;00pm EAT(East African Time)…and where can i get this book on pdf for free…tried and without much success