Footer width Portfolio Project

Hi everyone, I’m trying to adjust the footer of my website to the entire width of the page, I’ve tried the width attribute at 100% but it doesn’t seem to work and I can’t find anything else on google. A little help would go a long way! Here’s the page, the footer code is near the bottom of html and the CSS footer is a few elements up from the bottom…
Any other tips or constructive criticism is also always welcome!

Bootstrap’s container class sets the width for you and is what is currently stopping your footer from being max-width.

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man why did you even used columns in first place to just align the media icons in footer. You could have just used some unordered lists with anchor tags and just display them as inline that would have done the same thing. why going through all these messy stuff.

That was the issue, thanks!

I did use a ul with anchor tags, I just added the column class so the individual sections are easier to control and size. It really isn’t much more code, though it’s laid out in a mess at the moment.