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Hi guys I have noticed that by not placing a simple dot or “-” in the code, it does not work. Is there any way to have an “autocorrect” like the one we use on phones?


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 font-size: 68px;
 font-size: 52px;
 font-size: 40px;
 font-size: 32px;
 font-size: 21px;
 font-size: 14px;

<h1>This is h1 text</h1>
<h2>This is h2 text</h2>
<h3>This is h3 text</h3>
<h4>This is h4 text</h4>
<h5>This is h5 text</h5>
<h6>This is h6 text</h6>

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Challenge: Set the font-size for Multiple Heading Elements

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Not autocorrect, but highlight the errors. (jsfiddle)

There is also a “tidy button” that makes it looks nicer.

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If you use a sytax-aware text editor, it may be able to warn you when you use some invalid code, but because characters like a dot have a specific meaning they can’t really be autocorrected in.

A significant portion of writing code is paying close attention to detail.


Thank you Silbert!! :smile: :smile: :smiley: :mechanical_arm:

Ok! So the big part in all of this consist in be focused right? Well im good in that but, sometimes its heavy hahah…

Silbert, one question: it is always necesary use the JSFIDDLE on-line? or it does got an off-line version?

I am not aware of an old fashion desktop version :slight_smile: