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In the course “Learn CSS Colors by Building a Set of Colored Markers” at the 50 the assignment says that the background property should be changed to linear-gradient. Since linear-gradient is an actual value that can be used for the color-assigning functions: wouldn’t it be more appropiate to substitute the word “property” to “value” in the assignment text?

I’d say ‘the value of the property’ is being set.

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Any of those wordings work for me. I think this would fall into the linguistic category of metonymy.


But that is probably the most precise.

I agree, that sounds more specific and helping. I appreciate the consideration and your kind and diligent response to my suggestion.

And thanks for the information about where bugs should be reported. Since this is the first time I take part in the forum, I am taking take the opportunity also to express my appretiation for the work of freeCodeCamp’s members and the glaring dedication and of making a platform for people to learn programming in an effectively and fun way.

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