For Jquery, Some people do not recommend using it, or similar libraries now - why is this?

I had this discussion, to argue

Do you know about jQuery or equivalent libraries that were developed to try to make the DOM easier to manipulate?
Some people do not recommend using them now - why is this?

It’s from EDX course basics of javascript.
The link in middle of the course it might not open for you you have to sign up


Possibly because it would increase load time to load the library, so if it’s unnecessary they don’t want to use it.

Most of the good things about it were integrated into the browser JS API, + browsers are much more consistent than they were 10 years ago. They were the two main reasons for using jQuery. Nowadays much of it is effectively obselete.

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Thanks for replying, can you connect your theory, to why GitHub deprecated using JQuery.

BTW your answers make since, is there any references or links to improve the answer