For loop initial run

Need some help with C++. I’m trying to create a function where you simply add a user-specified amount of strings to a vector then simply print the strings, both using functions. So far I have

#include <iostream>

#include <vector>

using namespace std;

void print(vector <string> );

void insert(vector <string>);

int main() {

    vector <string> vec {};




    return 0;


void insert(vector <string> v){

     cout << "How many elements? ";

    int elements{};

    cin >> elements;

    for(int i{0}; i <= elements; i++){

        cout << "Enter string " << i << ": ";

        string e{""};

        getline(cin, e);





void print(vector <string> v){

    for(auto s: v)

        cout << s << " ";


When I call the “insert” function, the first cout line runs twice before the chance to insert a string. The console returns:

How many elements? 2

Enter string 0: Enter string 1:

Why is this? shouldn’t it ask for input before “Enter string 1”? Also, the print function to then display the added strings doesn’t seem to be working either.

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