For loop issues causing tests to fail

I’m having the same problem with my run test button. It’s the very intro of JS which is so simple I can’t believe I’m getting the code wrong. I tried logging out and back in to see if maybe my account was stagnant and acting up because I had been inactive for too long. That didn’t work. Not sure what’s going wrong.
// if I did this right.
nothing will show up
when I run the test

Look at this line here, you are always setting i = 1. It will never increment but the condition here is run the loop until i reaches 9. So it’s never ending.

Can you share your code?

I moved your question to a new topic, because you were asking about your own specific problem and not actually giving advice to the other thread’s OP.

In the future, just use the Ask for Help button located on each challenge. This will automatically create a new topic and bring in your current code and a link to the actual challenge.

Thank you.

that is my code and all it’s asking me to do is both styles of comments greater than five letters. It’s the first intro to JS lesson. Create a //style comment that contains at least five letters.

Create a /* */style comment that contains at least five letters.

It just says //running tests and that’s it.

I figured it would be more efficient if I checked to see if others had the same problem and that the answer had already been given.

In general, unless you are actually giving feedback on someone else’s thread or asking for clarification on something that was stated in another thread, then it is better to have your own thread. Whenever a reply is made to a thread, everyone who has participated gets notified. If a thread was considered solved (i.e. the last response was something like "Thank you that solved it more me), then no one expects to get anymore feedback except maybe a clarification question.