For loop method in palindrome checker exam *Solved*

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I don’t understand the problem with the code. Am I misunderstanding the project or the code itself has a fault I am not seeing.

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function palindrome(str) {
let palindromes = [str.slice(str)]
for( let i = palindromes.length- 1; i > -1; i--){
  return palindromes.splice(i) === [str.slice(str)];

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Challenge: Palindrome Checker

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.splice() changes the array as you iterate over it, which makes a mess of your indexing. You should not modify an array as you loop over it, in general.


I mean, what is the code even supposed to do?
Neither slice nor splice achieve anything. The for-loop runs only once. And you are comparing two arrays, which JS propably does via memory adress → so that will always fail, unless it’s literally the exact same variable.

You need to rethink your approach. You are given a string and are supposed to check if reading it backwards is the same as forwards. How would you do this in real-life?


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