For my Tribute Page

Hey all, just looking for some feedback on this. I always feel like my color schemes aren’t great, but anyways, lemme know what you think. Much appreciated.

Your page looks pretty good, but what you can improve is typography and color scheme.

Use for font family and for color schemes. There are a lot of them there. And you may size down the main image a bit so that the heading is visible.

Thanks! I can’t believe I forgot to change out the fonts to something nicer. But I have never heard of colorhunt so I’ll definitely check that out.

sure. you can also use this one is cool too.

Welcome to the forums @codecory. Your page looks good. Just some notes;

  • You have a closing main tag but no opening one. Maybe you cut/pasted your code from an editor into codepen.
  • I see what you did there but so you know, an image is not accessible. Someone relying on a screenreader would not know it’s there.

Thanks! There was definitely an opening Main tag though. 1st line on there with an id of main as well. As for the link image, I fixed it up a little so it should be better for accessibility.