For other newbies struggling, try this:

From a fellow newbie.

I recently completed my applied visual design but was still struggling so I decided to go back and do it all again only this time I would start with a blank coding page (see I don’t even know the name, that’s how far I am!)

This forced me to not only keep writing out the “style” elements but also the “divs” adding “ids” & “classes”.

I’ve done one so far (create the heart shape), ironically this is where I quit FCC last year, was far too complicated and now I’ve just completed it without having the original material set-up for me, I just go off the instructions on the left.

I must have spent a couple of hours trying to do it but the end result is that the pattern of creating a heart, moving shapes, adding positions, using pseudo elements has made me much more competent than before I tried this technique.

I’m sure this is old news but it helped me so if anyone feels like it’s not sinking in, go back and try this.

I plan to do most of the challenges this way. I was essentially doing the same thing with sublime text but this makes more sense.