For people eager to learn AngularJS the right way

Before you start reading i must warn you that this course doesn’t cover Angular 2 however it does show you how to implement the component based application architecture which Angular 2 uses.

I stumbled upon this course on Coursera a couple of weeks ago,and i think this is one of the best,if not the best course one could find to learn AngularJS the right way.By saying “the right way” here,i mean to understand the important concepts in angular by knowing actually how angular implements them under the hood.After all it is a javascript library/framework(whatever you wish to call it) and written in js so what’s the magic behind its working.These are the sort of questions you will find answers to in this course,and i would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and master Angularjs.

Hope this helps you in your journey of mastering AngularJS. Keep coding…!!

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