For projects, is satisfying the user stories enough?


I’m working on the first set of projects for HTML, and I’ve noticed that, while I can complete the user story checks easily enough with what I’ve learned, the example sites look far better, and use far more complex CSS, than mine do.

At this stage, should I be worried about that? Will emulating the site design exactly be plausible (and helpful), or should I satisfy the requirements, and expect a more complete introduction to the fun of CSS libraries and other pre-built sections of code along the way?

Thank you!

You should strive to make something you are proud of. Think of every project as your way of showing what you are capable of at this point.

The example sites give a good standard of quality to shoot for, but try to make it your own and if you have an idea, learn how to implement it by searching how to do it on google, coding forums, youtube etc. I learned just as much during the 5 projects just having an idea for something I wanted to add to one of the projects and having to learn how to do it interdependently as I did in all of the prior course material before the projects.

The user stories are the minimum baseline. You can pretty much make a page that isn’t even a page and still pass the requirements.

I’d say aim high and lower your expectations along the way to find a place of compromise, rather than aiming low from the start. Failing to achieve something is worth a lot more than not attempting it at all.

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