Forgetting Syntax

Ok guys, I have an issue and I’m wondering whether it is only me. I study a lot of different topics and languages as a part of my major study, but I forget a lot of what I did in the past as result of learning new and not spending time for things I learned in the past. For example, I’ve been coding a lot on C/C++ in the past year and totally forgot JAVA. Please give me your feedback, will be glad to hear from you!!!


Yep, that sounds right.

I truly doubt you forgot the language. If anything you are having reentry shock. C and C++ are low level compared to java. C forces you to do things differently and runs really quick in run time. You never could make Java do that. Java is much faster to write in. It is not like the C to Python jump, but still.

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It’s natural to forget the languages that you don’t use anymore and that’s ok.

Most important lesson is to sharpen your problem solving skills.

But I suggest you pick a language and be good at it though


I’m in the same boat.
That’s why I’ve been putting off learning multiple languages until I am somewhat proficient with one.

Is learning multiple languages at a time recommended?

Only if you already know multiple other languages, and are good at seeing the commonalities and differences. Even so, you’ll find some difficulty in “switching gears” between languages – it happens to the best of us.

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‘i think it is time to make application, or practice and practice our skill, or try to make some webblog tutorial about programming that we have’

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