Forismatic Quote API won't work on codepen - any suggestions? FIXED!

UPDATE: FIXED! Simple mistake it turns out - I was linking to JQuery via a element in my HTML, preferred me to add it via “Quick Add” in the JS settings menu.

I’ve almost finished the Random Quote Machine project (the JSON/AJAX lessons on FCC really need expanding in my opinion… I get the idea is to ‘learn by doing’, but a more comprehensive introduction would be nice!).

Anyhow, having written all my code using Notepad++, I’m trying to transfer everything over to, but I cannot get the forismatic quotes API to work at all. One solution I saw online added “” to the start of the API URL, which I have done, to no avail… Anyone got any advice on this?!

Also, I had an Animate.css animation in my original code, but that won’t seem to work either. I’ve used the Quick Add option on the CSS settings to add the stylesheet, but it just won’t work!

Hey, I’m working on the same project right now and I was having the same problem. If you are using Chrome, try to open up the dev console to see if a request is being sent in the first place. I believe that any url with http will be denied because as of late, information can only be sent across https. Try adding just “https” to the url and see what happens. If you are still having problems maybe you can try another API. I am currently using the Quotes on Design API.

Hey, cheers for the reply!

Turns out it was a simple fix in the end, I hadn’t loaded JQuery properly (I hadn’t used the JS Quick Add option in settings). Will update the post to reflect this. Good luck with the rest of the project, I found it was a bit of a learning curve to say the least!