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How can I join the background color of title-body and img-div so that there is no gap between them, so after grey color what i should see is white.just like joining two cards.

If you have a codepen that you are working on you can post a link to that so others can observe your code

Sorry, I edited it please check out.

Hi there.
All browsers have their own default properties of HTML elements. See what default CSS properties does h3 have. Take a look at W3C h1 to h6 tag article and I’m sure you’ll understand what exactly do you have to do.
By the way you can use your browser inspector to see which element apllied the properties. (F11 Google Chrome or right click --> inspect the element).

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Hi, nice page.

I almost always remove margin on body first thing

  margin:0; /*remove browser provided margin */
  overflow:auto; /*account for padding / margin on h1, h3 */

Good luck on this

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Wow, thanks a lot.It worked the same way I wished.Thanks again.

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