Form administration

Hey guys,
I was just working on my second challenge (portfolio page) and wondered if there are easy ways to administrate the contact forms that are submitted on the website itself?
My first idea was to send the contacts via email but that doesn’t seem to be too easy.
This is probably a back-end development problem so do you know any good sources where you can read into that kind of stuff?

Too easy never existed and will never exist:slight_smile: it’s all involved. I do not use the word complex because it blocks people from willing to get things and they get scared away. Form administration…go to and they have link to Forms administration or handling… you should use post and each form has an action to which you assign a php file with same name as the name of php file you created that will handle the form. You need to provide more details or send link to your code and nobody will steal it, not me at least, people who look at your stuff have honor and if it’s gov secret then ask your fellow agents :slight_smile:

Seriously though if you show your code or link to your work then we can spot more issues…just saying…unless you know all right questions to ask…even I do not and I have been developing since 2005 if that helps and some since they 13 or 9.

Try, makes it easy to add a contact form to your site and you don’t have to deal with the administration side of it

But that takes away the fun of coding your own SQL Powered one :stuck_out_tongue:

You could start with freecodecamp backend exercises - the section is pretty thin - the beta version has a little more material - it may be enough to cover the basics to set up a simple contact form server that you can run on your home machine or in the cloud

Thanks for the help :wink:
@Ofek86 there is no code to be shown yet but I will make sure to post it when I encounter some problems.
I already tried to create a php file in order to process the data but that didn’t work out yet maybe it has something to do with the environment I’m testing it in? Currently using Brackets live preview.
@ppc already had a look through the section but couldn’t find anything at first sight but I will have another look.