Form challenge won't accept my a element. I can't move forward

Please help. No matter what I do, it won’t accept that I have an a element there. The link is present and functional on the preview, but the system won’t let me pass. What am I getting wrong? Thanks!

My Code:

<a href="">terms and conditions</a>


Please post your actual code instead of a picture. Also, please provide a link to the challenge. Thanks

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I don’t know how to make the code not work, but HA! it DOES work. I don’t know why the system won’t take it. I’m adding an x to the front to disable it.

<a href="">terms and conditions</a>

Well, that didn’t work.

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Thank you! Any idea what I’m doing wrong with the a element?

The problem is outside of the part of the code you included. The phrase terms and conditions should only appear once. The anchor element should be part of your checkbox element’s text.

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OMG! It worked! Thank you for all the help!

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