Form Element - please help me:-(

Tell us what’s happening:

I’m stuck. The challenge is to nest in the input element in the form element. And i absolutely don’t know, what’s wrong with my version.

Could somebody help me?

The wrong part is… “The existing input element should be nested within a form element”

Can you share the link to the lesson?

It goes similar to this:

 <form action="ADD THE URL ADDRESS HERE"><input type="text" placeholder="cat photo URL"> </form>

Thank you for your help, but i can’t explain it. That’s exactly what I have. But the system tells me, that the input element is not nested inside the form element. Don’t know why

I just copied your tag and only filled in the right url…but also with that, it didn’t work

Maybe there is an issue with your browser. Do you have extensions on your browser that are interfering with the execution?

Not really. But give me a second. i will try with another browser. So far, thanks for your support

Ok, you were on the right path. At the other browser, it worked. Strange.

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