Form errors / placeholder attribute / e-mail input

My code is at 14/17 after the test .
The error message states that I am missing attributes that are already in the code .The errors are related to placeholder attribute and the e-mail input filed which needs to show error message when it is not filled correctly or filled at all . Kindly check it and let me know what needs to be adapted . Thank you !

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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Hi @lenajankovic12 ,

Check the id of the email address input. It should be “email” and not “e-mail”

Hope it helps.


you said Correctly my friend.
the id of the email address input is wrong. it should be “email” not “e-mail”.

when i do, it passes for me.

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Thank you ! I was super focused on thinking a line of code was missing so I oversaw the basic spelling mistake . Thank you once again :relaxed:

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welcome, my friend

ping me if u have any problem.

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