Form Survey HTML help

So I’ve been working through the Form survey project using the sample given (will do my own when eventually) and have a small HTML issue. I have some overlap with with some options and the check circles to check them off. Sorry for the bad explanation but it’s easy to see what I’m talking about Any help? Edit* I’ll deal with the other issues when I get to them lol

Default styles for input[type=radio] has margin-left: -20px;


I would create a custom style to overwrite this and probably give it a margin-left: 5px;

<li class="radio"><label>Maybe<input name="radio-buttons" value="2" type="radio" class="userRatings"></label</li>

should be like this :

<li class="radio"><label><input name="radio-buttons" value="2" type="radio" class="userRatings">Maybe</label</li>```

Thanks, I might give that try!

But then where does “Maybe” go? Lol

right here

<li class="radio">
<label><input name="radio-buttons" value="2" type="radio" class="userRatings">
********MAYBE *********
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Ah, I had to scroll over haha. I’ll give that a try, thanks!

Bingo! thanks again, much appreciated!

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