Formatting with Switch Theory based question

var x = 1;
switch (???) {
??? ???:
//how do I complete the following such that A is logged to the console? 

Above talks about formatting and the strict equality operator in switch statements.

I would suggest having a look at the syntax:

the point is, after reading that, I don’t really understand how it applies. Its like I’m reading german and then french.

So what do you want to achieve? Or is it about understanding switch statements?

I want to gain a better understanding of syntax for switch statements. I am making alot of syntax errors that allow me to “almost complete” all sorts of challenges. I want to know how strict equality works in this example, so that I can learn how to debug for myself and not rely on others.

Have you done the freeCodeCamp challenges about switch statements?

There is no strict equality here?

I have done them. I found the checklist of what you had to do quite confusing. So I’m using other apps now.

I’ll just ask one of my friends I guess.