Forms/emails-where does this info go? how to set up?


Through most of our FCC projects, in creating forms, email forms, technical documents… one component is missing… after you hit submit, where does the form information go? how do you set up where the form infor goes… what is used to send that info somewhere?

Any insight and info would be great!!!


When working on the freecodecamp projects, you are just creating the style and structure of the page. Some advanced users can collect the information, but right now, you are working only on the functionality, style, and structure of the page.

The information is trashed by your computer when you press the submit button. try filling out a form and instead of pressing submit, reload the page. all the information goes away because there are no saved changes in your form.

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As you havent created a backend to store the information, as soon as you press submit, think of information disappearing like at a snap of Thano’s fingers…

…or it ends up on the dark web, sold to the highest bidder, and now some cult somewhere knows a little too much information about you…

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Are you asking how an actual form submission works?


so form submission stuff is backend work… thx!

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thanks for this! this really help me understand where things go…