Forum bug, seeking verification

I’ve encountered a bug in the forum that I’d like someone else to try and replicate before I ping it over to the github issues.

Logging in on one device forces other devices to become logged out

Steps to reproduce

  1. Log in to the Forum using your desktop browser. (In my case, Chrome/Windows 10)
  2. Close the browser.
  3. Log in to the Forum on your mobile browser. (In my case Safari/iOS 9).
  4. Close the browser.
  5. Open the Forum in your desktop browser again. It should require you to log in again. Doing so will kill your mobile session, and so on…

This isn’t an urgent bug, but given that I jump between devices all the time, it’s becoming quite annoying. This behaviour only started very recently.

I dont have other devices to try, but I dont come here often, so it was extremely infuriating :anger: to find out that I had a very long comment and couldnt post earlier today …

and there were no immediate indication that I need to login… not seamless enough of an experience…

I suggest that the reply button should be available for all users but it will alert(message) you that you are not logged in to comment!
Instead I stared at my unfamiliar commenting environment looking for the right button that will let me post … really weird.