Forum is currently under high loads

The freeCodeCamp Forum is experiencing high load intermittently.

Here is a timeline of status updates if you want to learn more.

Please do not report issues about forum for now. We are aware and investigating this. Thanks for your patience.


Update: 2019-11-21T06:30:00Z

  • We are still working on this.

Update: 2019-11-21T06:50:00Z

  • We have applied some config changes that will make the forum load times faster and you should be able to login. You should be able to create posts etc.

  • This is still a little bit brittle, please be gentle on the forum.

  • We are working on a more permanent and resilient solution.

Update: 2019-11-21T08:02:00Z

  • More config updates have been applied, and the outage is intermittent.

Update: 2019-11-21T09:47:00Z

  • We believe, major issues with the forum have been resolved. Keeping this under monitoring.

Note and further progress:

We have established the causes of the misconfiguration and have applied patches to mitigate the outages. We are currently planning a migration of some of the servers which will make the forum more resilient.

In the upcoming days, we will make some infrastructural changes for a more permanent fix.

Other parts of freeCodeCamp like /learn and /news remain unaffected.

Please let us know if you are unable to login or access the forum.

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