Forum Layout Not Display Properly on Mobile

Hello Campers.

For some reason my mobile phone(chrome/android) is not display properly. I’ve tried researching but did not find anything. Because of this I have not frequent the site as of lately :frowning:

Any idea why?

Incorrect View: (As you can see pretty annoying, right?)

Correct View: (I see this for a slit second upon loading site, then it changes)

Do you maybe have your browser settings to use the desktop version of sites? I ask because when I use devtools to emulate a smartphone I see the same issue. When I pull up the forum on my actual phone though (also Chrome on Android) it renders correctly.

This is definitely an issue with Discourse itself:

This bug discussion happened two years ago. Maybe there’s been a regression?

I do not. But when switch to desktop view, it’s more legible and will work for now. :wink:
Yeah, I would think the root-cause for both issues( FFC and Discourse) are the same.

Will check out the link when I get a chance. Thanks Ariel!

Desktop View: