Forum Suggestion

I guess this is up for discussion, but I’ve noticed affiliate links being posted on the forum. While I’m sure most of our community has good intentions and values helping each other over anything else - it seems to me that in other communities, when you allow affiliate links, it tends to lead to some less-than-authentic help and some people may abuse the forum for profit motive.

What do you guys think about the issue?

The best sources of information are out there on the Internet free for the taking, and it comes down to the reader to decide the validity of the information, and also how much they trust the person who posted the information in the first place. That’s where the “Likes” system really comes in.

Many times it is better to answer the person that asked the question with a direct answer, but sometimes referring to online information is better.

As for the profit angle, personally I don’t mind as long as the information itself is solid.