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I just created a sign-in and added paypal, and am able to see forum logged -in, but not able to go back to Curriculum. This asks for a sign-in again. Not sure if forum sign-in is not same as curriculum/learning pathways. How to return using same login from Forum to Curriculum.

The forum and freeCodeCamp are separate. The accounts are not connected.

Thanks for the clarification. For Forum I used gjramayya as username with password setting, with . gjramayya is not usable in FCC (already taken message prompt). Paypal is confirmed to FCC with same email. so if I skip without support to curriculum it does not show my email or username, but a long account number which does not accept change. Am I missing something or the sequence messed up the registration. (Sequence was: FCC sign-in, Paypal support, Forum sign-in, coming back to curriculum).

  1. I removed your email address from your post. These threads are all indexed and I don’t want you to get more spam than you already do.
  2. Thank you for donating to freeCodeCamp. That’s very generous of you.
  3. Your PayPal is not linked to your FCC account or your forum account in any way.
  4. You can change your username on your settings page. You will not be able to take a username that is already claimed.

Thanks ArielLeslie for removing the email id…I am able to change the settings now for curriculum and can see the progress.
I started the data science tutorial for 6hrs in youtube and headed here for the sign-in. Incredible amount of work team had put together here (multiple certs of 300hrs.
Overwhelmed here by the 300hrs to certification, but would reach the goal !!!
Best regards to team,

Welcome to our community. Happy coding!