Fratelli webDev Services survey-form project feedback

This is my survey-form project. I would really appreciate any feedback you can give me. Here’s the link:


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Hi @hong06ty

Nice project. Everything seems to be OK.

Here is a weird thing I noticed:

Do you see the difference between these pics above? On the first one the grey line is close to the LEGEND and on the second it is not. I hope you could fix it. Good luck :slight_smile:

@timagixe that is interesting. I’ll have to do some investigation to see why there is a lot more space between the “Any Comments or Suggestions?” legend.

The structure is outstandingly pleasant to the eye.
Great job on that.

The colors are really cool, but maybe a little too much green.
How about some green on blue or blue on green for your colors?

Your submit button shouldn’t be red. Red usually symbolizes a dangerous action when clicked on. Maybe blue or yellow?
It won’t submit either. Please change that.

At all else, great job!
this is one of the best survey forms I’ve seen in months!

Thank you for your feedback. I’ll play around with the idea of adding blue to see how it looks.

I completely agree with about the button color, and I’m going to change the button color so it’s not red. It was something small that I didn’t even think about.

As far as the button not submitting, I’m going to see what I put in my action code.

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