Free Code Camp: Build a Build a Product Landing Page

Hi All,

I recently completed the third responsive web design project Build a Product Landing Page. Any feedback / suggestions on this one would be greatly appreciated for further improvements.

Many thanks,



Your page looks good @atom_hkt. Couple of suggestions;

  • Remove the onclick attribute. This way the user will see that input is needed and the submit isn’t processed until they fill in an email addr.
  • Why not make your button a button?
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Dear @Roma,

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated again :metal: :metal:

However, the project instruction specifies " Within the form, there is a submit <input> with corresponding id="submit" bla bla bla…"

Thus my button is an “input” tag…am I right? Otherwise it cannot pass all the tests…

Let me know if I’m missing something,

Cheers and thanks again :pray: :pray:


I stand corrected. I totally forgot they did that.

Well noted @Roma :pray: