Free code camp project testing not working correctly

Hi, so I am working through the CSS challanges. I would say my CSS skills are intermediate and I am doing these only for completion and to add things to my portfolio. But I have a problem with the testing structure. I can write nice HTML and CSS yet to pass the tests I have to add in ID attributes everywhere (places where I normally wouldn’t put empty IDs in) . I want to eventually link my code pen from my personal websites so employers can see some things I’ve built on freeCodeCamp. But I dont want them to see a horrible code that makes me look incapable to undertaking simple CSS and HTML tasks.

TLDR: Am I able to gain my freeCodeCamp certificates without passing the project tests?

edit: sorry if I’m confusing, I don’t mean empty IDs and is ’ id="" ’ as in an ID that doesn’t have a purpose in CSS or the general HTML structure.

Ids should never be empty. They should always be unique. If you’re going to be a professional web developer, you are probably going to be required to use ids a lot… specifically for automated testing to work.

so should I take them out because they are redundant? but I need them to pass the tests.

What do you mean “redundant”?

so on the user stories it says somthing like "the sumbit button must have an id=“submit”. " But the ID doesn’t have a purpose anywhere. and when I add these empty IDs in I fail all the tests anyways.

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The purpose is so that the tests can find it. At work, I have to add ids (or, on at this current company data-test-id) that I don’t reference in the CSS so that automated tests can be written for my pages.