Free code camp radio

The free code camp radio used to work for me but now it keeps pausing every 2 minutes. If any one can help me please… :pray:

Hello there,

I have not had any issues with CodeRadio. What browser are you using?

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Hi there.
Im using Google chrome.

@Gray.n.Grey , why a thumbs up :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ?

I think it is great you are expanding to every part of freeCodeCamp. It is a symbol of “good going” . I am not as brave as you are @starstruck. I am only in Responsive Web Design (which I have completed a few times), JavaScript Basic Algorithms and Data, and Front End Development.

You expand your wings and I was showing you I think that it is great!

Sorry, if it was not seen as a sign of "Great Job! Keep Doing What You Are Doing! "

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I wouldn’t call that only, that’s a lot of stuff to know. I’m just beginning and hopefully I’ll get to were you are one day too :grin:!

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You are amazing!

That is why when I saw about the radio, too. I did not even know anything about the radio.
But, you are great at responding with accurate and quick responses. And, you are delving into more than I dare.
With this old brain, I am blessed to be able to do what I do on here.

Keep up your great progress and the great way you support others, @starstruck!

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