Free code camp rocks: C#

So cool that added the option to learn C#(Free code camp rocks!). I love the color of the subforum label :grin:. Just wondering though what the C# language is mainly used for and also if its very difficult to learn and is there any other language one has to know before learning it. Thank you.


C# is getting to be a pretty popular language. Just a couple things it’s used for that I know of off the top of my head;

Microsoft! The language is owned and maintained by Microsoft, so naturally they use it in their programs. Want to write a desktop application? C#!

Unity! The Unity game engine runs primarily on C#. If you want to get into game dev with unity, you’ll probably want C#.

Backend! C# and Java share a lot of similarities, so naturally, C# lends itself to a lot of backend services. One quick job search and you’ll see that there’s tons of C# and .Net job listings.

Personally, I think it’s a decent first language choice. It won’t be as easy as HTML, but that’s because C# is a full OOP programming language.

I’m sure others will add more details that I skipped


More details I’d like to add besides @fourleagues 's answer:

  • C# (or .NET) is cross-platform supported. That means you can use it everywhere: Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • You can use C# (.NET) to develop almost all kinds of applications: desktop, Web API, console, game (unity), AI, frontend (Blazor), etc. There are many many jobs for .NET developers.
  • Modern, strong-type, safe, managed. The syntax is stricter than python and javascript, but it is worth it. With the help of .NET runtime, your code would be less error prone.
  • It’s open source now.

I highly suggest that you learn C#. Feel free to ask any questions here. I’m happy to help.


El lenguaje C# (pronunciado “C sharp”) se utiliza principalmente en el desarrollo de aplicaciones de software en el ecosistema Windows. Aunque se ha expandido a otras plataformas a lo largo de los años, su principal enfoque sigue siendo el desarrollo de aplicaciones para Windows, incluyendo aplicaciones de escritorio, aplicaciones web, aplicaciones móviles y juegos.

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