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Today i got an email from PayPal that “Free Code Camp Supporter ($5 / month)” has a new price of 25$.
Is that correct that you without any message raise the voluntary payment by 5?


please write to ASAP, do not dispute the charge please which will go to cost more to freeCodeCamp, they will fix the issue

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Hi Christoph,

Kris here from the donor inbox.

We chatted earlier, just in case anyone else received a similar email and is confused, this was due to an unintentional error on our part.

We quickly realized our mistake, and reverted the donation price to $5 a month. However, emails had already been sent out.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and any confusion or stress this may have caused.

To anyone who may have received this email, please reach out to us at if you haven’t already.

Also, we’ll continue to monitor all donations and will issue refunds to anyone who was affected by the accidental price increase.

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