Free Code Camp's Challenges Are Great -- B.F.Skinner Would Be Happy

I am writing this after working through a couple of lessons on Free Code Camp’s JQuery Challenge. I had to interrupt my study to write this.

I have some background and interest is psychology and in teaching/learning, in particular the methods championed by B.F.Skinner and his colleagues (such as teaching machines, programmed instruction, and personalized system of instruction). When I take a class, almost always I am disappointed and frustrated, because they violate what I consider best practices related to teaching. (Unfortunately, these practices are not well known. Also, some people do not believe that these are best practices. The main problem though is that most people are not aware of these.)

About a year ago, I took a very expensive bootcamp on JavaScript. In return for my money, I expected a course that would help me proceed at my pace, without worrying about other students getting ahead of me at one extreme or slowing me down on the other, or furiously taking notes so that I can study at home and get my money’s worth – alas, this did not happen. The course didn’t believe in giving out any handouts nor in making them available on the web. They felt that this was superior practice. I certainly don’t.

I am super pleased by the JQuery lessons. There is sample answers. (No worrying about giving the solution away.) The student is active. He writes byte sized snippets of code and his correct answers are immediately reinforced. This is the best way to learn. The material is there for me to look at whenever I want to. I can work at my own pace. I don’t have to make notes.

B.F.Skinner would have been happy to see this :slight_smile:


Glad your enjoying it. Just wait until you get to the portfolio projects that’s where the answers become complex depending on the size of the app you are making. That’s where you’ll need to plan things out before coding.
And you’ll begin to realize the size of javascript and its different flavours/ design patterns

The FCC community is a good place positive reinforcement (thats some of the only psychology I know and the ‘working memory model’).

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Well since you are interested in this kinda thing (me too, btw) the social aspect and way people help each other on the forum is a pretty good model of Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development as well :slight_smile:

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