Free Code Problem

I was doing the JavaScript course in spanish. The when i aproved a test and charge other new, the page went from black to white and with a charge bar like a sound trail, and doesnt charge my profile or the courses.

There’s a problem with the website?


Yes, its happen to me too.

I need it in spanish because the understanding of how it works JS is hard to get in english

I don’t recall seeing this. Can you back out and try again? Other than that, I also might reboot, clear browser cache, try a different browser, etc…

If you can, I it might be helpful if you could look in the dev tools and see if there is anything going on in the console or network tabs.

Nope, the error seems to be, because my Brave navigator. I try in chrome and work fine.

In Chrome doesnt work for me

This appear in Console

Yeah, non-standard browsers are going to be a problem. Chrome is usually a safe bet.

Can you tell me exactly which problem so I can try it out?

This is the only that appears now in the website Spanish Version

Yeah, it looks like from your console capture that there may be trouble loading a spanish file. Again, if you tell me which challenge, I can test it.

I try in two browsers and Chrome works fine for me.

Sorry, didnt get your question before haha. is the 32/111 of Collapse courses

I remove all my cache from the browser Bave and is working. try this and tell us.

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Thanks Hg and Kevin.

The solution is in delete the Cache!


Yeah, I don’t keep track of the problems as “32/111” I was hoping for a link.

In any case, I was able to do “Encuentra la longitud de una cadena” and then do several following that.

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Nice! Thank you for the reply! Good Luck!

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Cool, you got it. Yeah, it happens sometimes. This is just part of web dev.

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