[ FREE ES6 E-BOOK ] JavaScript ES6 for Beginners

Hey guys, I just finished writing an ebook about the new features of ES6. You can follow this link to medium ( https://medium.com/@labby92/free-e-book-javascript-es6-for-beginners-9553f8d3a91c ) where you can find all the information you need (what’s the content, where to download it for free, where to contribute to the repo) or you can read it here (https://github.com/AlbertoMontalesi/The-complete-guide-to-modern-JavaScript-from-es2015-to-es2018).

This is my first ebook but I want to continue writing (the next one will be about ES7,8,9) so all the feedback I’ll get from this one will help me write more.

I really hope you will find it useful, if you have question please let me know :slight_smile:


Wow thank you so much for that! I love the content is really free, I do but one thing I would ask of you is to put it all in chapters, as when I went to your blog post I didn’t see it organised like a book. Sorry feel bad about writing that but it is true.

Thank you :slight_smile: