Free HTML software needed

Yo there people. iv just started the HTML course and since i was wondering if anyone knew any free offline HTML editor software, preferably with side by side pre-view option (like Freecodecamp gives us).

Thanks all.

I mean, you have notepad in your computer and an internet browser…

but VScode with live server preview extension can be used for that


I just found “sublime” today. Seems to work well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @mmv1590!

I also use vs code and agree with @ilenia’s suggestion about the extension.


U could use Sublime, Notepad++, Microsoft Visual Code,
eitther one will be Good for an offline ide

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so how do you switch on the preview part? thanks.

  1. Install the extension

  2. click view

  3. click command palette

  4. type show live server preview

  5. type anything into the body tags and hit save

And there you go!


k so im getting this error that says that it can only preview on HTML file. how do i make an ‘html’ file? sorry if i sound like a noob

No worries.

Here is how you create an html file.

index.html (you can name your file whatever you want at this stage as long as it ends with .html)

If you are creating an actual website then your home page will be called index.html. But for now you can call it practice.html.

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