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If you need a logo for your portfolio or web app, have a look at

It’s an open source logo library where you can download a logo, customize it and use it on your project - no attribution or other stuff involved.

I would like to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:


Looks cool. Great idea. One of them is the codepen logo, by the way. Aras Atasaygin has a project similiar to yours. Here’s the github repo: Maybe add some colors to the logos.
Oh, also maybe add a contributor part on the site.

Nice. You should also consider in adding a search option, maybe some categories to group your svgs

@b3u Is similar to the *CodePen logo :slight_smile: Yes, the next phase would be to have some ready-to-use logos with gradients.

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@sorinr I will keep in mind this. Thanks for the suggestion! :smiley:

You might want to collaborate to draw more attention to both projects.

I don’t know Aras, what is his opinion. But it might be a good next idea. Thank you!

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