Free place to host a private beta version of a website?

been doing freecodecamp
almost have web design certificate
my martial arts school needs a web page
i volunteer since i need the practice and may look good in portfolio

but, i need to run everything by the owner before it is published.
however, he is NOT tech savvy (still using old Motorola i530 from Nextel).
where can i build a workable prototype which he can use/click/browse but other people can not see it?

Build it on your laptop and show him a demo when you see him next.

don’t really have a portable rig though.

I was just trying to keep it as low-tech as possible.

You could look at It is free and uses your existing github account. You would create a Project.

thanks for the help @RandellDawson but we may have both been overthinking it.

amazingly the simplest free answer came from 4chan (which is usually NOT helpful)
just save the .html file and send it to the owner and he can open it in a browser.

This is only going to work if you have all the image files hosted somewhere also and all the references to those images are absolute links vs. relative links.

If you want to email something, then you could zip up all the files used in your project folder and have him unzip them and then view the index.html file, but that may be getting too complicated for the owner.

yeah, all the links are to existing sites. and the images are hosted on imgur.
the whole unzipping and index thing would take a week to teach him. lol