Free Resources For Anybody Interested

At these links, you can find free resources (Creative Common Resources license, not pirated) for learning automation, hacking, and two for computer games, all with a Python focus.

I think three assume no programming background (of course you can skip the first chapters if appropriate) and one assumes some programming background.

@P1xt, have you looked at these at all, and if so, what do you think? (I’m putting them in the electives bin in my Trello board for your curicullum, for when I need to learn something specific or just want a bit of a change of pace, but I’m definitely interested in your opinion.)


This is great stuff! Thanks. I just finished my first class in Python and looking to continue with my new favorite language.

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No Starch Press is great. If anyone wants to pay a little (you can set it all to go to charity) to get e-book formatted versions, you can currently get a bunch of their Python books through HumbleBundle here.

@P1xt, any thoughts on the quality of these books? If the thoughts are “I don’t want to answer this,” I’ll respect that–but maybe you just didn’t notice my earlier note?

I have read “Making Games with Python” and I think it is a great book that teaches a lot, but without some basic understanding of Python it would have been a lot harder for me to understand.
I guess if you read a previous book that teaches the fundamentals or if you already know a bit about Python, you can benefit a lot from these books.

@JanEgbers, in the “Who Is This Book For?” section of “Making Games…,” the author writes that it’s for intermediate-level programmers. Someone that doesn’t know programming at all might start with one of the other ones, which are for beginners.

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Ah yes, right. Totally forgot that.
Thanks for clearifying!

[quote=“P1xt, post:8, topic:103543”]
I’m in the middle of a very hectic month…[/quote]

Ah, I apologize if I was pushy, and wish you good luck dealing with the hecticness. Thank you for your comments on the books, though–I really do appreciate your perspective.

When you have time, and only when you have time, what in your curricula deals with automation? It’s a high priority for me, as I need it in my RL training program.