Free server for Drupal?

Does anyone know of a free server for Drupal where I can upload my site? I tried AWS free tier but I can’t create an account, it seems that they charge for it as it’s giving me an error with my payment option (I made sure to use a credit card with no money).

I need to submit a link with the uploaded Drupal site (with admin credentials included), do I really need some server service to do this? I am not willing to pay for any server since this is just a task as part of an interview process.

What’s wrong with a small investment on the front-end which could lead to a big payout on the back-end?

You said you made sure you used a credit card with no money.

Although the services are advertised as free, they do still require valid payment information in case you abuse their resources. Has it occurred to you that they may have some validation measures in place to prevent fraudulent abuse of their resources? You can try AWS PaaS competitors like Azure, Heroku, Openshift, Pantheon…etc, but you may run into similar problems because the issue could be your card.

From my experience, Amazon free tier is mostly as advertised, as long as you don’t go over the resource limit, you won’t get charged. The elasticity is the major selling point, you can simply spin down the instance when you no longer need it. Their customer service are also rather reasonable and will refund disputed charges.