FreeCodeCamp account deleted

Hi guys!

I didn’t really know where to post this so I thought I’d post it here.

In February I started working on the Responsive Web Design that freeCodeCamp offers and I worked through it until I got to the Responsive Web Design projects, I finished 3 of them, the Tribute Page, the Product Landing Page and the Survey Form. However I enrolled in a Udemy bootcamp to carry on learning web dev, and haven’t logged back into freeCodeCamp for awhile. Today I tried to access my account that I had linked to my gitHub, and had set up my profile in FreeCodeCamp linking various other socials etc. However now non of my progress has been saved when previously everything was fine, no matter how I log in, through Facebook or gitHub or google etc. I was just wondering If anyone could tell me what has happened and if my progress could somehow be recovered because I put in a good 40 hours or so practicing. I really wanted to get the Web Design certificate but this has been very demotivating.

Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated and If I need to provide anymore details, please let me know!

Hello @t1trell,

  • I don’t know if deleting an account is possible, but getting a certificate in FCC does not require you to finish all the challenges, all you have to do is do the last 4-5 challenges and then turn the solution in. Then you can claim your certification here:

the freecodecamp account is recognised via email address. Are you sure you are logging in with the same email address you were using, or that the social accounts you are using use that email?

Ah alright! I even have the codepens of the other sights, so I could probably just upload them again but otherwise I just have to do the last 2 challanges of the Responsive Web Design certificate to finish off the section?

Yeah I only really use 1 email when signing up to websites or accounts so I’m genuinely confused aswell because previously logging in with that email I’d still have all my progress saved. :confused:

You only need to complete the projects in order to get the certification.

then if you are sure you are still using the same email you could try to write at and see if they can find your old account