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as someone with ADHD i struggle to advance my coding skills forward as i would jump from one subfield of programming to another (gamedev, webdev, automation or mobile app dev) when concepts gets hard or I’m distracted by another topic in one subfield of programming. Its been like this for 10 years (I’m not trying to go full time programming though, although my current skill I can confidently make small tool/apps but I want to be able to make real projects for freelancing)

I noticed that doing FreeCodeCamp or something similar that has linear progression of learning is hard for me as I can’t focus on just learning it lesson by lesson as it becomes boring because some of the stuff I’ve already known and some not. Another thing is some of the coding I don’t see why its used ,or the exercise used feels too fake and doesn’t entice my dopamine seeking brain.

So I’m now currently trying is below but with my own way but I have an Idea for maybe someone with more capability(Actually I just saw the github Freecodecamp so I might just use that) :
I had this Idea of using Freecodecamp linear course as my “coding book” or documentation, but I would be actually just diving in to build small projects(more enticing to my dopamine seeking brain since it feels more real to what someone would hire). So by building project I can refer to the freecodecamp linear course subtopic whenever I don’t know something and I can tick it off only the relevant subtopic. I would then build other small projects that cover different area of the subtopic in the freecodecamp linear course too. Later on finishing and ticking off each subtopic then I can go and claim my cert.

Are there already available tools or platform that support this? I know this is not a novel Idea and people are already using this approach to studying but I would like to know if there are already a platform exactly like this.

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FreeCodeCamp isn’t truly linear. You can jump around in most cases.

You could actually jump to the project and start it, then “work backwards” as you start running into trouble as you describe.

The early challenges are more there to present concepts that you could use later for the project. The project is where the work is, but there is a jump from “here use this” to “here do this” with minimal guidance.

That said, the project should build upon what already came before so your suggestion of using the challenges as a reference would still apply. It just might not be as clear what challenge to leverage if you haven’t used it. I’d compare it to needing to use a specific tool, but not knowing what the name of the tool even is.


I dont have ADHD so cant really add anything to that…
However ThePrimeTime (youtube) ThePrimeagen (on twitch) also has ADHD and currently works at NETFLIX.
You might enjoy his streams and videos.

I also jump around with languages, and find it hard to stick to a linear path. I found freeCodeCamp to be a good thing I go back to, carrying on from where I left off and have been able to progress that way.
I learn by building. So when I was learning JavaScript, I used a number of different sites.
I did projects from and TheCodingTrain (youtube) using the P5.js library and was able to learn javascript concepts such as classes by making small games.

I still have to go through the boring stuff… Printing “Hello World” and all that.
But when I’m introduced to something new I look for opportunities to make something myself that uses the function or concept.

Try different learning techniques until you find a learning style that works for you. It can take time leaning how you learn. But once you find something that works, you will find things so much easier.

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Thank you for actually reading that long post :smiling_face_with_tear:.
Yes I guess I could definitely do that, it was just my “waiting for something really good then I’ll have a go at it” thinking,

Lol, I think I just subbed to him last week. Almost agree with everything he says, theres too much complexity for just launching a small cat photo website

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