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How do I get the name of challenge completed from JSON data of a Public Profile? The JSON only contains the ‘challengeid’ not the name.

I need the name of the challenge in order to track the progress of my students.

@Sky020 i just know you whoo can help me in this.

Welcome there,

You cannot get the challenge name from the JSON data of a public profile. As you mentioned, it does not contain that info.

So, what you would need to do is download/build the freeCodeCamp platform locally to get the shared/config/curriculum.json file which would include all challenge names mapped to their ids.

We do not serve this file over our API, because it is >15MB.

Hope this clarifies


Thank you for your response. It is of great help. Can you just guide me through the steps on how to download/build the freeCodeCamp platform locally on my device.

You can find the details here: Contribution Guidelines |

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Can I find this file in the Github repo of freecodecamp? If so I couldn’t . I would really appreciate if you can send this file to me over mail.

No, it is dynamically created on every build of the curriculum.


Understood. Thank you.

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