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How long it takes for to review my article?

Hi @giladbarilan1 !

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Usually for me, it takes a day or two for my articles to be reviewed and published.

How long has it been for you?
Also, the team is coming off of the July 4th holiday so it might take longer than usual.

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I sent my article on 1/7/2021 after I’ve been accepted as a writer.
It’s the first time that I’m sending an article so I am not sure if I made it right.
I wrote the article as a post on ghost and sent the link to the email I mentioned.

Ohh ok.

It definitely doesn’t take months to get it approved.

I would email them again and explain the situation.

Hopefully your email wasn’t accidentally placed in their spam folder and that is why they didn’t get it.

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So I only need to resend the link to edit the post?

Yeah, you can send them the draft link for your article. The team has access to go in and make changes if necessary.

Just to clarify, you mean January 7th 2021 or July 1st 2021?
The reason why I ask is because I know date formats can vary from different countries.
I just want to make sure we are talking about the same date. :grinning:

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Sorry, I meant to 1st July

If that is the case, then things might take longer because the July 4 holiday in the states.

I would give it a couple more days and then reach out again.

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Ok, thanks a lot for helping me out :smile:

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