FreeCodeCamp Beta Not Working is not responsive once I get to the “map”.

Basically I can click “Start Coding(it’s free)”, which brings me to

Upon clicking the first link to the beta missions, it brings me to the page(, but starts saying “something went wrong”, and the links to the left do not open.

I’ve tried both of my browsers: chromium and firefox. Same problem.

Is something wrong with the site?

From the console, a script is being blocked: :thinking:

Please keep in mind that it is beta. Things may be broken, glitchy, or not work at all. The final release will not have these issues.

Yes, I’m aware it’s beta, obviously, lol. I expected it to at least work, as it has before; that’s the point of beta, to test. Can’t test if it doesn’t work at all.

Anyway, the site is working now. The script is still blocked, so it wasn’t that.

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Beta isn’t always going to work, it’s not stable, sometimes it’ll be glitchy, sometimes it won’t work at all. It’s just there for testing purposes. If it doesn’t work check back later.

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Yes, true. I cannot wait for them to be released. Thanks @anon52159105

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We’re all very excited for the upcoming release.