Freecodecamp beta: running anchor tests destroys html source

Going through the beta curriculum, I see the correct output after I insert the anchor for the first anchor test. This is shown in the first image below.

However, after I “Run the tests”, my entire html source so far has been overwritten, and it is not possible to continue editing per instructions from this point. This is shown in the second image.

I expected the source shown in the first image to be preserved after the tests were run.

Well, the forum won’t let me show both images, so I will only show the second.

For clarity, the anchor previously included in my source (in Image 1) have disappeared and the test-running mechanism appears to have replaced them with some extra paragraphs. From this point, the instructions (which request modification of the anchors) cannot be carried out.

Image 2 After clicking “Run the tests” from the screen shown in Image 1:

Here is Image 1, which the Forum would not let me put into the original posting.