freeCodeCamp challenge #1: Tribute Page

Hey guys, this is my tribute page putting it out here, comments and feedback would be great- especially on how I could improve my code.

Hi! I’m doing my tribute page too :slight_smile:
Yours is nice, you also find a nice way to put some jquery on it! Great job!
The only thing is that you should try to resize the page, and see how it looks like from a mobile device because on my chrome /mac seems likes something is wrong with the header of the page.

Thanks for the feedback. Uhmm, I just noticed that and I thought the class=“container-fluid” would solve all my problems. Don’t seem to know to to fix that. Could you help?

Try this:

<div class="container">
  <div class="page-header" id="Title-1-box">

You can check more on for the class page-header. Also, remove the margin from Title-1-box and should work!