freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Add Document Elements with D3

Add Document Elements with D3

Problem Explanation

This challenge can be completed by referring to the example in the description and modifying the parameters to those that are in the instructions.

Relevant Links

From the official D3 Documentation:


Hint 1

  • You will need to use d3 to reference the D3 object and chain your methods

Hint 2

  • To chain methods together, simply start the next one directly after the previous one has ended. The example shows this on separate lines to improve readability. Make sure not to put a semicolon after any of the methods or the code will break.

Hint 3

  • The example shows exactly what is needed, all that needs to be changed are the parameters. E.g. replace ‘ul’ in the select method with ‘body’.


Solution 1 (Click to Show/Hide)
      .text('Learning D3');   


Code Explanation

  • d3 targets the D3 object
  • .select('body') uses the D3 select method to target the body HTML node
  • .append('h1') uses the D3 append method to “append” or attach an h1 element to the body element
  • .text('Learning D3') uses the D3 text method to change the text of the h1 element to ‘Learning D3’
  • The semicolon ends the method chain, but is not required
  • Note that the methods are on separate lines for improved readability, as d3 method chains can get quite lengthy