freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Combine an Array into a String Using the join Method

Combine an Array into a String Using the join Method

Problem Explanation

Use the join method (among others) inside the sentensify function to make a sentence from the words in the string str. The function should return a string. For example, “I-like-Star-Wars” would be converted to “I like Star Wars”. For this challenge, do not use the replace method.

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Hint 1

You may need to convert the string to an array first.

Hint 2

You may need to use regular expression to split the string.


Solution 1 (Click to Show/Hide)
function sentensify(str) {
  // Add your code below this line
  return str.split(/\W/).join(" ");
  // Add your code above this line

What is the purpose of

var joinedString = ‘’;
here? If you still go ahead and assign
joinedString = joinMe.join(’ ');
I would assume that this overrides the first joinedString assignment and makes it unnecessary to include in the first place.
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My take:

var joinMe = [“Split”,“me”,“into”,“an”,“array”];
var joinedString = ‘’;

// Only change code below this line.

joinedString = joinMe.join(" ");